Deleting/Expiring Assignments

Deleting Assignments:

In order to delete an assignment, the assignment will need to be deleted from all past, present and future schedules and requests. Once all of this data is deleted, follow these steps to delete the assignment:

  1. Navigate to Administration>Setup and click on the Assignments tab.
  2. Click Go to List View in the top right corner.


  1. Click the red X associated with the assignment to delete it.


Note: If the x is grey, hover over it to see the reason the assignment cannot be deleted. Possible reasons include someone being scheduled on the assignment on either the schedule page or the request page.

Expiring Assignments:

If past data needs to be kept for an assignment (for reporting purposes, etc.), it can be expired rather than deleted. This will essentially end the assignment on a specified date. To expire an assignment, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Administration>Setup and click on the Assignments tab.
  2. Select the assignment in the Assignment Summary list and click Edit.
  3. Edit the recurrence pattern and add an ending date (make sure to uncheck N/A).
  4. Click Submit on the recurrence pattern and Save on the Edit Assignment page.


Note: no one can be scheduled onto this assignment past the ending date.

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