Adding a New Holiday

Holidays are used to determine what assignments/shifts are staffed on holidays. For example, a clinic assignment may normally be staffed Monday through Friday. However, that clinic may be closed on one of those days if it happens to fall on a holiday. Adding holidays is a way to tell the system to treat this day differently. Holidays will show up in both Viewer and Editor. 

To add a Holiday, first navigate to Administration>Setup and click on the Holidays tab. From there, click on +Add new holiday.


After doing so, an additional screen will be displayed with the ability to add the details of the holiday. Enter a holiday name and description if desired. The holiday name will be referred to in the assignments section.


Lastly, a recurrence pattern will need to be added in order to determine when the holiday exists. The Yearly recurrence pattern is used to state that a holiday occurs on the same date every year. The None recurrence pattern is used to set specific dates for a holiday that change year to year.


Once all details are added, click Save Changes and the holiday will be saved accordingly.

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