How do I view my schedule?


From the Lightning Bolt Dashboard:

  1. In the blue toolbar at the top of the screen, click View.
  2. In the View drop-down menu, click Schedule/Requests.
  3. Viewer opens and displays your designated default view.

Note: Depending on your account settings, Viewer may immediately open to your default schedule view and bypass the Dashboard screen. 

From the LBLite home screen: 

View the NEXT 3 DAYS to quickly refer to your upcoming schedule. From this section you can also click TODAY to view where all personnel are assigned on the date you are logged in, or click MY SCHEDULE to jump directly to your personal schedule. 



To open Viewer, click the VIEWER application icon. From here you can access various saved views in order to display your team's schedule for the timeframe designated in the view setting. For more information on how to navigate schedule information in Viewer, click here.





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