Nov 1, 23 - Removed "Edit" Button in Viewer, Bug Fixes



  • Viewer: We're removed the edit button from within the details dialog and replaced it with available actions; reducing the number of clicks it takes to make changes.
  • Viewer: We've adjusted the tallies at the top of the schedule to not round and show all values to the right of the decimal point
  • Administration > Setup > Assignments: New functionality to quickly sync assignments scheduled into LB with PS. *Note: this functionality requires this integration
  • Administration > Accounts & Permissions: New integration tools management section *Note: requires integrations

Bug Fixes:

  • Viewer > List Views: Colors are now properly alternating in the finished and upcoming sections in ‘today views’
  • Setup > Edit Personnel: Administrators can now fix the NPI field if it is entered incorrectly when saving a profile. Previous issue forced administrators to cancel, re-load the profile and continue editing before they could save.
  • Viewer > List Views: Total Hours no longer round when exporting as CSV
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