Dec 14, 23 - Daily Demand Tallies


Desktop Updates: 

  • Administration > Setup > Assignments: You can now choose 59 minutes as an option when designating assignment times, allowing the ability to end evening assignments on the same day.
  • Administration > Setup> Assignments: You can now filter the assignments list by personnel. This will help bulk align eligibility when attempting to copy assignment eligibility from one provider to another provider.

  • Editor: When hovering over a schedule slot, assignment times are displayed as a 24 hour clock when LBLiteTimeDisplay is set to Military Time.
  • Administration > Setup > Tallies: Ability to set daily demand from within the tallies section of setup. These can be used to see a visual on the schedule to see staffing, room utilization, or other designated targets on the schedule. 
  • Administration > Setup > Tallies: Ability to set individual rates per-person. Previously, these rates were only configurable on a tally level. This will allow for more granularity in reporting.


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