Aug 31, 23 - Integrations


Integration Dropdown Editor

We’ve introduced a new tool that will allow the management of integration dropdown fields directly in the Lightning Bolt user interface. The new tool will be found under the ‘Accounts and Permissions’ section of the Administration window within Lightning Bolt. With the new tool, you’ll be able to add, edit, and remove values for each integration dropdown. We expect the tool to be ready to access via the Lightning Bolt web page by the middle of September.

Data Warehouse Integration

New tables added to the Data Warehouse Files:

  • TallyTarget Table

  • Tally_Override_By_Slot Table

  • Tally_Time_Def_Personnel_Rates Table

  • Saved_Locator_Reports

New columns added to existing Data Warehouse file tables:

  • Personas Table:
    • Integration_Access
    • Assignment_Access
    • Personnel_Access
  • Personnel Table:
    • Notification_Email
    • National_Provider_Identifier
  • Assignments:
    • Call_Order
    • ScheduleChangeLogs
    • Call_Order
    • Empscheduled
    • Call_Order

Personnel Matching via NPI

We are introducing a new method of mapping for provider accounts between Lightning Bolt and integrated vendors. We will now be able to link provider accounts based on the National Provider Identifier (NPI) if it is stored in Lightning Bolt.

Technical Updates

We are updating datashipping processes to drop files to local AWS environment before attempting to send to customer SFTP sites. This will allow us to maintain records for each file sent with the datashipping process even if the connection to the SFTP fails.

We are introducing a new setting for the Epic SER integration that will prevent the scrubbing of formatting from pager and cell phone records before shipping the data file. This will allow characters like parentheses and dashes to be included in the SER file.

Bug Fixes:

Integrations: New Innovations Duty Hours

We fixed an issue related to the New Innovations Duty Hours integration where the data was being sorted incorrectly when populating the file. This was causing an issue when schedules were being unpublished and republished each day or if the same person was removed and then added back to the same shift on the same day.

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