Feb 13, 23 - Resolved Mobile Log Out Issue


Resolved Mobile Log Out Issue

We resolved the mobile log out issue that was causing users to be logged out of the mobile app. This update ensures users remain logged into the application until manually logged out. 

To ensure you will not be affected by the log out issue, please download the latest Android or iOS version of the Lightning Bolt application.

Correction to our release note from February 7:

In the communication sent on February 7, we indicated tallies were removed from the select tool within Editor in by assignment views. However, tallies remain the same in by assignment views. The sentence should have read: "To resolve the issue, we have removed the system defined tallies from the select tool in by personnel views."

Bug Fixes:

Viewer: Approved Requests

  • New personnel's approved requests will now carry over from requests to schedules when the request is on the first active date of the personnel.
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