February 13, 2023 - Release Notes


Bug: New personnel's approved requests will now carry over from requests to schedules when the request is on the first active date of the personnel.

Backend changes for future functionality (in sneak peak below):


1. Granular Notifications (coming in Q2): Ability to configure notifications based on timing, type of change along with multiple other settings.

2. Call Order (coming in Q2): Ability to set a call order for assignments that will be available in our API as well as visible in list views and details from within Lightning Bolt.

3. Administrative Access (coming in Q2): Ability to set permissions for the personnel and assignment sections within administration > setup. Permissions for these two sections will include:

1. View Only Access
2. View & Modify Access
3. View, Modify and Add New Access
4. View, Edit, Add New, and Delete Access

4. Activity Feed (Coming in Q3): New panel that displays pending items in one centralized place to streamline the process of actioning pending items.


Finally, a correction to our release note from February 7:
In that communication, we indicated tallies were removed from the select tool within Editor in
by assignment views. However, tallies remain the same in by assignment views. The sentence should have read: "To resolve the issue, we have removed the system defined tallies from the select tool in by personnel views."

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