December 14, 2022 - Release Notes


New Feature Functionality

  • Email notifications that span multiple days now include the days of the week in the subject line.
  • Push notifications now include the time zone for which the account is configured.
  • Personnel profiles now have a dedicated demographic field for NPI numbers.

Bugs Addressed

  • Viewer List Views: Resolved an issue where schedule data was not showing past/future months with the same day as 'today'.
  • Viewer List View Printing: Resolved an issue where list views were printing more than what was in the print dialog.
  • Schedule Manager: Resolved an issue where schedules were getting stuck in ‘Loading Data’.
  • Schedule Manager: Resolved an issue where Web refresh was causing duplicated requests to carry forward to the schedule for certain workflows.
  • Availability Window: Assignment compatibility now checks the child template on an assignment that is mapped between two departments.
  • Viewer: Resolved an issue where 'Me' views were previously showing holidays on ‘today’.
  • Setup: Personnel: Resolved an issue where eligible assignments were not sorting alphabetically.
  • Mobile: Resolved an issue where request data was displaying dates that were published to everyone.
  • Mobile: Locations will now be displayed for a single replace personnel.
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